Reading and writing are the building blocks of education. The Learning Journal teaches reading, writing, and comprehension in a simple daily lesson. The Learning Journal works on the basic concept of writing letters, words, and sentences. Reading and understanding what has been written completes the circle of learning. Integrated activities broaden the child's ability to understand complex concepts. The sequence of lessons has been planned for the experience of building vocabulary and structured sentences.

A parent's involvement is crucial to any child's learning process. The integrated activities and companion notebook allow the parent and child to share the learning experience.

The Learning Journal integrates Culleen Glover's 35 year early childhood curriculum into a program for teaching reading, writing, and comprehension while broadening the child's creativity and understanding of how our world works. Mrs. Glover has an undergraduate degree from Samford University, masters degree in elementary education, masters and AA degree in early childhood from UAB.

Education has become one of our nation's foremost concerns. Learn what skills children should be mastering in grades K-3 and how you as an educator can see that they are learning the concepts that will carry them to higher education.



 A Letter From the Author...

 Principal Norman Bester reads to Mrs. Glover's class.

 Experiencing a vision of teaching little black children, I purposed at the age of twelve to become a missionary to Africa. After taking a double major of religion and education in college, my life turned in a different direction of teaching here in the United States. Completely absorbed in giving young children a successful start in life, I have taught inner-city children with a passion which has fulfilled my original goals.

My belief system has been that every child can learn if taught basic skills in an efficient manner surrounded by an environment of love mixed with creativity. I wanted every child to have the same opportunities as those being raised in prominent schools or communities.

Please take up the challenge of using the Learning Journal for yourselves to see how successful children can be. As a first-hand participant, your journey will be exciting!!





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